August 24, Scott Silverton

May 2, Amy Jo Ellis and the Full Court of Atonement

March 7, Ian Foster

January 14, 2022: Katja Rusanen

Link to Katja's free "Client Attraction Story Checklist" gift:

June 25, 2021: Marie Gibson

Marie shared a wealth of great information with us, and including the three most important steps all business owners need to take no matter what stage of business they are in, and how to decide what kind of system or technology you need for where you are now -- from simple spreadsheets to Quickbooks.

June 18, 2021: Rob Fortier

Rob Fortier gave a great presentation and answered questions about how and why to build your email list, how to get started, available tools to use, and more -- information packed and very useful!

May 3, 2021: Julia Stege

Guest Expert: Julia Stege gave a wonderful presentation on Marketing from the Soul, and why "traditional' marketing can drive away your ideal clients when you have a heart-centered business.