More Sessions, Less Selling! Pre-challenge Energy Healing Calls

Here you'll find recordings of three "Pre-challenge" exploration and energy healing calls. As you listen, it's recommended that you test for yourself, using muscle testing or your own intuitive process, to see which of the imbalances that come up during each session is relevant and present for you at this time. For any that are present for you and can be cleared at this time, simply clear them for yourself along with the group, which can be done by swiping your hand over the top of your head (corresponding with the Governing Meridian of the body) three times with the intention to clear the energetic imbalance, or any other clearing method you prefer to use.

October 11, 2021 -- Clearing blocks related to self doubt, self sabotage, unworthiness, and imposter syndrome

October 14, 2021 -- Clearing Disempowering beliefs and blocks about money and abundance

October 15, 2021 -- Firing your "Sales Prevention Department"

October 17, 2021 -- Blocks to speaking powerfully about what you do