Attention Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioners -- and practitioners in training!:

I'm Ann Hession, Certified Body Code Practitioner, medical intuitive, and heart-based sales expert. I've had the pleasure of working with Dr Brad since 2014, and have spoken with thousands of Emotion Code and Body Code students and practitioners. I know -- because you've told me! -- the most common concerns, obstacles, and blocks that can be in the way of creating a successful, thriving energy healing practice -- and I'm here to help!

I used the skills and expertise I've learned in over 30 years as a heart-centered "soulpreneur" to build a six figure energy healing practice that has helped hundreds of people improve their health, their relationships, and their lives -- and I want to help you to achieve YOUR goals for your own business and the difference you want to make, too.

Ann Hession

I've developed a number of powerful programs to help you succeed, including one that helps you create pricing you can feel 100% confident and aligned with (Perfect Price Pointâ„¢), another on the simplest way to get tons of client referrals to bring you more ideal clients (Referrals Made Easy: 5-Day Business Breakthrough!), how to get powerful and compelling testimonials (Irresistible Testimonials Made Easy!) -- and how to have authentic, delicious, and effective enrollment conversations and build your business powerfully (Soulful Sales Code: 6 Figure Sales Skills for your Heart-Centered Business) -- and more!

The four programs listed above happen live at different times during the year -- see below to be notified right away!

To start learning the fundamentals of Heart-Centered Sales right now, and be sure to get notified when programs are available to help you move forward and create a successful business doing what you LOVE -- a great place to start is to download my free Sales Conversations Secrets: Heart-Centered Sales... made simple!

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Here's what other energy healers and EC/BC practitioners have to say about their experience with one or more of these trainings:

"The exercises helped instigate changes in me from Day 1 going forward... which was utterly brilliant!"

"My confidence definitely increased. It brought clarity regarding the value that I bring to the client, and I feel comfortable and happy now to play about with the pricing with all my offerings -- I now feel empowered, excited and grateful"

"Before the training when I was asking for referrals, I was feeling shy, small, not deserving , scared, questioning myself, and it was not working ! Now I feel empowered, capable, deserving, crazy excited, I feel it can work, it will work and I won't have to struggle or lose sooooo much energy to get new clients!"

"Best part was the boost I needed to confirm the value in the work that I am doing, and believe in myself. Throughout my various careers, I have been told numerous times, the only thing that is holding me back is me, that I need to see and believe in myself the way others do. This training has helped me to believe in myself."

"This PPP training has soared my confidence immensely. Getting clear on the value of the services I provide has allowed me to raise the price and feel comfortable doing so!"

"Your course is extraordinary and it feels tailor made for me. I feel all the energy clearings immediately as an elevation and lightening of my energy field. All the lessons so far have helped focus my attention exactly where my weaknesses are. I then get a realization and a deep inner change happens. Then I suddenly find myself doing things to improve my business as if I am no longer in control, This new and improved me takes over. It's just amazing and wonderful. I also seem to have lost my belief in struggle. It's a gradual shift but my thought patterns have changed. A trust has grown inside me that wasn't there before. It is still like a bud but with every lesson it opens up more. This is true in depth healing at a subconscious level, just as you explain."

"The daily videos and worksheets were short enough to work into my schedule and relevant/thought provoking enough that they were really meaningful to me. I love the Heart Centered approach that takes the "pushy" feeling out of the process for me."

Get started with the fundamentals of Heart-Centered Sales now, and be sure to get notified whenever programs are available to help you move forward and create a successful business doing what you LOVE -- a great place to start is to download my free Sales Conversations Secrets: Heart-Centered Sales... made simple!

Much love,