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I'm Ann Hession, energy healer and heart-based sales expert with millions in one-to-one sales to my name, and I want to provide you with one of the ESSENTIAL elements I used to create a 6 figure energy healing practice: confident and aligned pricing for everything I offer.

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Perfect Price Point™:

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"The exercises helped instigate changes in me from Day 1 going forward... which was utterly brilliant!"

"My confidence definitely increased. It brought clarity regarding the value that I bring to the client, and I feel comfortable and happy now to play about with the pricing with all my offerings -- I now feel empowered, excited and grateful"

"The steps for determining the price range were spot-on. No more guess work which builds my confidence!"

"Best part was the boost I needed to confirm the value in the work that I am doing, and believe in myself. Throughout my various careers, I have been told numerous times, the only thing that is holding me back is me, that I need to see and believe in myself the way others do. This training has helped me to believe in myself."

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